The Faculty of Management Science, Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University(BSRU), was established on 27 November 1984. It was two months afterthe second edition of Teachers Colleges Act has been promulgated, which allowed teachers colleges in Thailand to launch Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Programs. In those times, Teacher colleges and universities produced too many graduates in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) and consequently Bansomdejchaopraya Teachers College found the Faculty of Management Science as an interesting educational alternative for people.

The Faculty of Management Science began to operate without optional

department in the first academic year. In the second, the faculty was devided into
five departments as below;

1. Department of Finance and Accountancy
2. Department of Marketing
3. Department of Communication and Public Relations
4. Department of Business Administration and Co-operative
5. Department of Economics

The Faculty of Management Science accepted more students and as a consequence had been moved in 1991 from the second floor of third building to the inactive library, which was renovated afterwards to be two-storey wooden building with office, classrooms, laboratories and instructors rooms. This new building was called “the fifth building”.

On 14 February 1992, H.M.King Bhumibol Adulyadej offered the name “Rajabhat Institutes (Son of a King)” in place of “Teachers College”. Bansomdejchaopraya Teachers college subsequently became “Bansomdejchaopraya
Rajabhat Institute”

On 25 January 1995, The Rajabhat Institutes Act was promulgated.

On 8 March 1995, H.M.King Bhumibol Adulyadej offered “The Royal Seal” as a “university logo” of
all Rajabhat Institute over Thailand.

From the origin to recent days, The BSRU Faculty of Management Science has transformed and developed further under the leadership of these ten Deans (in chronological order);

1. Dr. Surapol Theeraratanabhandhu        (24 November 1984 – 16 April 1987)

2. Assoc. Prof. Piboon Teepapal              (17 April 1987 – 17 April 1991)

3. Asst. Prof. Waree Srimanoch (18 April 1991 – 10 November 1993)

4. Dr. Tawit Bunthirasami (11 November 1993 – 15 June 1995)

5. Asst. Prof. Sompong Kongchai (16 June 1995 – 30 September 1996)

6. Asst. Prof. Senee Suwittawat (1 October 1996  – 30 September 2001)

7. Assoc. Prof. Krerk Wayakanon   (1 October 2001 – 31 October 2008)

8. Assoc. Prof. Ruangporn Imphol             (1 November 2008 – 30 September 2011)

9. Dr. Paitoon Marksuk (1 October 2011 – 30 September 2019)

10. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nusanee Meekaewkunchorn (1 October 2019 – Present)


Be Wise, Be Nice,Be Social Developer


Faculty of Management Science aims to create graduates with management skills, professional skills and to instill proper ethics and morality into them, who subsequently take part in social development.


1. Produce graduates at the department of Human Resource Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Logistics Management, Economics,Business Computer, Accountancy, International Business Management, Mass Communication, Advertising and Entertainment Business, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Film and Digital Media and Tourism, for the sake of their community, society and nation.

2. Promote researches to create innovative knowledge and to influence local development.

3. Provide a broad range of community services.

4. Instill ethical and moral behaviour into students, in order to produce good citizens for society.

5. Preserve of thai arts and culture, which are unique identity of the nation.

Desirable characteristics of the Graduates

1. Have ability to create innovative knowledge and to influence
local development through their research work.

2. Have a co-operative skill and professional codes of ethics.

3. Be socially responsible and be a good role model for our

4. Properly use of Thai language in communication.

5. Have at least another 1 foreign language skills(ASEAN language, excluded Thai)

6. Have knowledge and ability to use appropriate technology.

7.  Perform effectively professional skills, matching to labour market needs. 

Faculty Logo

“Paper Plane in a Diamond shape”

Meaning : Success shines like a
Diamond of Wisdom

Faculty Colour : Blue